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Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012!

2011 was a great year for me, I faced so many problems but the Lord has always been there for me. All the things that happened in 2011 made me stronger. I learned so much things this year, so much things about life. 

Ang dami kasing special na nangyari this year! Madami ring kilig moments. Mwahaha :P

07/22/11 - 09/19/11 - 09/23/11 - 10/07/11 - 10/22/11 - 11/11/11 - 12/02/11 

By the way, it’s my first year on Tumblr!! Yaay! Hehehe. :))

Krisha Leviste!

Hoooi!! :)) Thanks for everything bruh! Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you, for being trustworthy, and for listening to my drama! Mwahaha! And this year lang tayo naging close, diba? I’m very thankful na naging close kita nung 2011, sana ganun parin this year 2012! :) Stay pretty and strong. I love youuu! Happy new year! :* >:)<

Gabby Duroy!

Gabbyyyyy!! Thanks for being there for me, hanggang ngayon! Thanks for being a great listener! Salamat talaga kasi ikaw yung laging nanjan pagkelangan ko ng kausap, simula noon pa and sa pagiging trustworthy mo, sana this year 2012 rin, hehe. Stay strong and pretty! Happy new year cola! :* >:D<

Mauraine Mendozaaa ♥ 

Hey! Thanks for being a part of my 2011, thanks for being there for me, for being trustworthy, and for making me smile! Sana ganun parin this year 2012. :) Stay strong and pretty! Love youu! Happy new year! >:)<

Joanna Averiooooon! ♥

Hey bestieee >:D< Thanks for being there for me always, for listening to my problems, not only bout *insert his name here* but also about family stuff. Thanks for being trustworthy! Sana kahit 2012 na ganun parin, mehehe. :) Gala naman tayo!! :) Stay gorgeous and strong! Happy new year! I love youuuu!! :* >:D<

For my other friends, schoolmates, classmates, and my followers..

Thank you guys for being a part of my 2011, happy new year! Have a blessed 2012! >:)<

2012, please be good to all of us, and please be better than 2011, okay? :)


Ayaka // icallyousun


The girl he USED to like. K, eto nanaman ako. <\3.

Dear guys out there, girls LOVE good morning texts. :)

Trust me. <3

Merry Christmas y’all!! :)


RF: Di ko alam kung na saan yung Grade school diploma ko.

Hahaha. :))


2 months of waiting. :”>

-Christmas shopping at F21 with my mom and sister.
-Dinner at a Korean restaurant, I forgot the name cause they changed it, it was Minato before though.
-My phone died while we were in the restaurant, so I only read my messages when I got home. -.-

Had fun today! 22.

Hope you guys had a great day! Mornight! :)


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