Late post


PTC yesterday, I got my report card. I was in the gym when I saw this cute little boy and my batch mate Nathan said that the little boy was his cousin. So I started chasing him and playing with him, until my classmate Kathlene said, “Close kayo?” Hahaha! The little boy isn’t Nathan’s cousin!! Wow, I believed him so quickly. But it was okay cause the little boy was really cute and he’s only 3. ♥

Krisha and I went to  her house at around 1pm. The tricycle driver of the tricycle we were riding was sooooo creepy.

After going to Krisha’s house, we went to I ♥ YO and we ate froyo with waffle. We went back to Krisha’s house at around 1:40 then we went to the park in front of our school cause we saw our friends, so yeah. He was also there btw. 


Bryan, Cyrus, Mary and I went to my place.


PTC tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s card distribution day, and no one’s gonna get mine, so yeah I’ll get it myself. I’m kinda nervous to see my grades especially for English and Filipino just because most of my quizzes are low in those 2 subjects. Haha. Well anyway, he talked to me today which was great! :) Its been days since the last time he started the conversation. :”>

Hope you guys had a great day! Niiiight!

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Magkasama nga kayo di naman kayo nagpapansinan. <\3

Hayyy. :/

Please start the conversation.

K. Drama lang.

Alam mo yung feeling na naghihintay ka nang text nya, pero nagpuyat ka na at lahat lahat wala parin?


11/11/11 ♥

I really thought this day would be bad, just because I learned something bad about someone yesterday, But it turned it out pretty well! We had our last game in Volleyball with the Seniors, and we lost. But it’s okay, at least we’re 2nd. All my services were such an epic fail (I don’t really play Volleyball but I had to), except for 2. :”> Eh kasi kilig story kasi yun. =)) Haha, kaay, eto nanaman ako. Eto pa, my sister’s dog gave birth na. :) The puppies are so small! Hehe, I love this day. Nakapanira lang yung isang news.. :\

Well anyway, I’ll try to post some photos of this year’s intramurals. :)

I really hope tomorrow would be as fun/more fun as/than today!

I’m waiting for 11/11/11 11:11pm hehe. :>

Good night Sun lovers! x

This English homework is killing me. <//3

I love reading poems, BUT NOT WRITING THEM. I hate how it has to rhyme and everything like that. Well, I’m doing it right now… while BLOGGING!! =)) Its our homework in English and I need one more line! I’m already sleepy, but I wanna finish it now so I wouldn’t have to think about it tomorrow morning. :) AND BECAUSE OF THIS HOMEWORK, I WASN’T ABLE TO STUDY FOR THE QUIZ IN SS, I WASN’T ABLE TO DO MY HOMEWORK IN SCIENCE. :/ I’ll just do my homework tomorrow..

Kbye. :)

November 7, 2011 (Ayoko pa pumasok!)

Back to school tomorrow. :\ Well, sem-break was pretty boring but, I still don’t wanna go to school. =)) 

I woke up at around 4:25 so I could drop mom to the airport for her flight back to Japan. At around 5:30, I got home and I went back to sleep. I woke up at around 10. At around 3pm, I fetched Krisha, then we went to a store. At around 3:30, we went to Pergola. I bought some stuff from Robinson’s then we went to Frutti Froyo. We talked for like 1 hour! And then we went back to her house. I went home at around 6pm. 

For Krisha’s blog, click here

Hope you guys had a great day! :) 

I’m hungry and I know it.

Just got home. I WANT KOREAN BARBECUE, BIBIMPAP, AND BULGOGI. Gosh, I’m hungry. :\